Flowers in Mesa: Caring For Your Cut Roses


Fresh cut  roses are a gorgeous and thoughtful gift that will make anyone feel special. Women just adore when they receive a gorgeous bouquet of roses for no reason. These beauties will sit in a place of honor for a week or more with proper care. Most of the time when flowers in Mesa, AZ are delivered the recipient, they do not know how to care for them properly. Without proper cut flower care your gorgeous roses will wilt within days. 

Flowers from Arizona Rose & Flower Company will most likely come with a small packet of floral extender. When you receive the gift of fresh roses, make sure to use this packet. Mix the floral life extender packet into lukewarm water before putting roses into a vase. Make sure that water levels are kept up every day. Every other day the stems of all your roses should be trimmed down ¾”. You must also make sure that this newly trimmed stem is cut at an angle. An angled cut helps with the uptake of water through the stem. With roses you also want to make sure that there are no leaves on or below the water level line.

When you completely replace the water for your fresh cut roses, make sure that you add some floral life extender. If you do not have any at your home, an aspirin (not advil, aleve, or ibuprofen) will work just as well! Your fresh roses should always be kept at a temperature of 65-72 degrees and out of direct sunlight. Also, be aware that if you place your fresh roses near ripening fruit, your roses will age them prematurely!